Innovative, Holistic and Sustainable Solutions in Humanitarian Aid
Strong Institutions with Technical Support and Capacity Development
Community Based Approach for Development
Our Story

Our story begins with the question of how we can disseminate the knowledge and experience created by the human-oriented approach of Kızılay, which is a humanitarian aid sycamore that has been carrying out its works in Turkey and the world since 1868 for a more benevolent world…

In line with the principles and values of Kızılay, to which we are firmly committed, we practically develop with local, national and international collaborations and large-scale operations in the sector in which we operate. We aim to integrate our experiences, which we have blended with theoretical knowledge and practical field implementations, into the projects in the sector while also contributing financially to the humanitarian activities of Kızılay with the revenues we earn.


What we doing?


We share our experiences both in Turkey and abroad with the help of our expert staff and cooperation networks. We gain these experiences through our projects we carry out in cooperation with many national and international actors from design processes to monitoring and evaluation processes.

Community Based Development

With our Community Based Development segment, we develop and implement socio-economic development projects in different locations, with the awareness that both regional and national development can only be achieved with innovative approaches, different collaborations and an understanding based on the community.

Our Expert Pool

Take part in our expert pool to contribute your expertise to our projects.

Corporate Collaborations

Contact us to develop collaborations with Kızılay Impact to create difference in the sector.

Work For Us

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